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Semi-Annual Open House - Q4 Testing

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

November 15, 2023

As you hopefully have heard… Wednesday, November 15th is our 12th consistent year of hosting the Semi-Annual Open House! This event is special to Champions staff for many reasons. Here are a few of them:

  1. An opportunity for our members to come together and re-test their performance evaluation!

  2. Current members get to invite friends and receive a free evaluation!

  3. Families and athletes get to learn up-to-date cutting-edge speed training research and practical applications on how to improve their athletic ability!

  4. An opportunity to meet with our strategic partners in the community designed to help your athlete reach their athletic potential & provide discounts to Champions families!

  5. Join the Champions family!

How Open House Works:

  1. Sign-Up In Advance (Free T-Shirt For Those Who Register In Advance)

  2. Show Up November 15th Ready to Test!

  3. Greeting to Athletes & Parents

  4. Athletes Warm-Up While Parents Listen to a Quick Presentation and Q&A

  5. Evaluation Testing

  6. Closing

Series of Comprehensive Performance Baseline Tests:

  1. 10 yd Dash: Measures Acceleration

  2. 40 yd Dash: Measures Ability to Reach and Maintain Top Speed

  3. Vertical Jump: Measures Overall Body Power

  4. Broad Jump: Measures Horizontal Power

  5. Pro-Agility Shuttle: Measures ability to accelerate, decelerate and re-accelerate in a lateral direction

  6. 200 yd Shuttle: Measures Anaerobic Baseline

  7. Max Chin-Up: Measures Relative Body Strength

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