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Champions offers your team cutting-edge sports performance training methods, in order to improve your athletes on-field performance and reduce their chance of injury, all while building confidence and bolstering team unity.

Take Your Team To The Next Level

The Foundation of Champions Team Training

Active Dynamic Warmup

Warm Up To Improve Speed, Strength, & Injury Resilience

Most athletes confuse slow, static stretching with a real warm-up routine. They aren’t the same – not even close! That’s why we created our Active Dynamic Warm-Up to assist coaches and athletes to gain the knowledge they need to maximize performance. While this phase is the cornerstone of PM4, it can also serve as a complete stand-alone conditioning session, as well as an assessment tool.

The Active Dynamic Warm-Up focuses on specific exercises using dynamic muscular movements to increase body core temperature and blood flow. When this 15-20 minute warm-up is used consistently throughout the year, your athletes will notice a significant increase in stability, strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance and team unity – all necessary skills needed when they’re on the field.

When properly executed, the Active Dynamic Warm-Up sets the stage for a more powerful and successful straining program over time.

Movement Skill Methods

Performance Testing

Parisi Movement Skill Methods concentrate on four areas important to a strong and powerful foundation, designed to serve your athletes in a variety of sports and physical activities for years to come. To ensure athletes get the most out of their workouts, we will teach them our methods of improving speed and the biomechanics behind them with attention to detail.

  1. Deceleration: The ability to decelerate properly is a learned skill and a must for injury prevention., Our methods place great emphasis on proper and efficient eccentric contractions that reduce the force, and thus, less strain on joints, tendons and ligaments.

  2. Acceleration: Applying a fast, powerful force into the ground to overcome one’s inertia and putting that force in the proper direction is key to maximizing acceleration.

  3. Change of Direction: This is all about center of gravity management. Great athletes understand the relationship between their base of support and the center of gravity.

  4. Maximum Speed: Your athletes will increase their speed when they focus on increasing their stride length and frequency. They will learn how to have each foot come on and off the ground faster.

Strength & Power Development

Small Group Training

The third part of PM4 is another four-step process that targets the muscular and nervous systems in order to create strength, power and join stabilization throughout the body. Our methods will give your athletes the necessary skills to move their body weight most efficiently for improved performance.

  1. Lower Body: We will utilize exercises that maximize strength of the lower body and lower core to build stabilization and endurance in the spine and hip musculature.

  2. Upper Body: We will direct exercises focused on unilateral and bilateral compound movements using dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, sandbag and partner movements.

  3. Core Strength: A strong, stabilized core is critical to every movement your athletes make on the field. Core training is addresses in all four parts of this program with highly-specialized exercises emphasized in this section.

  4. Power Development: Repetitive training and learning how to apply force quickly through plyometrics training means all the difference in creating explosive power.

Total Conditioning

Team Conditioning And Training

The final phase of PM4 is for athletes who want to reach an athletic potential that they may not be aware exists within themselves. The Parisi Total Conditioning Method will show you how to get your athletes to exert a lot of power over extended periods of time.

You’ll discover how our emphasis on building local muscular endurance through bodyweight builds incredible toughness, while our conditioning techniques give them the stamina to outlast the competition.

As a coach, you’ll not only be helping them build muscular endurance and overall stamina, but also boosting their confidence and team unity by working out as a team throughout the year.

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  • Pre and Post Program Testing for Athletes

  • Customized Training Plans

  • On Site & Off Site Training Available

  • Saves Programs & Parents Money

  • Proven Techniques to Mitigate Injury Risk

  • Up to Date on Latest Developments on Sports Performance Training

  • Bolstered Team Unity!

Benefits of Parisi Team Training

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