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2024 Quarter 1 Evaluations

Updated: Feb 21

As you hopefully have heard… Friday, February 23rd is our 1st evaluation of the new year! This event is special to Champions staff for many reasons. Here are a few of them:

  1. An opportunity for our members to come together and re-test their performance evaluation!

  2. Current members get to invite friends and receive a free evaluation!

  3. Families and athletes get to learn up-to-date cutting-edge speed training research and practical applications on how to improve their athletic ability!

  4. Join the Champions family!

How Q1 Evaluation Works Works:

  1. Sign-Up In Advance (First 15 Who Register Receive A Free Champions Bag)

  2. Show Up February 16th Ready to Test!

  3. Greeting to Athletes & Parents

  4. Athletes Warm-Up While Parents Listen to a Quick Presentation and Q&A

  5. Evaluation Testing

  6. Closing

Series of Comprehensive Performance Baseline Tests:

  1. 10 yd Dash: Measures Acceleration

  2. 40 yd Dash: Measures Ability to Reach and Maintain Top Speed

  3. Vertical Jump: Measures Overall Body Power

  4. Broad Jump: Measures Horizontal Power

  5. Pro-Agility Shuttle: Measures ability to accelerate, decelerate and re-accelerate in a lateral direction

  6. 200 yd Shuttle: Measures Anaerobic Baseline

  7. Max Chin-Up: Measures Relative Body Strength

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