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Champions Sports Performance: Summer Body Composition - Fitness Challenge

Updated: Apr 8

This challenge is meant to help move the conversation away from "weight loss" to body composition (fat loss and muscle gain). Thus, helping people understand what it means to truly transform one's health!

When Does The Challenge Start And End?

The Challenge starts May 1st and ends July 31st

What Is The Challenge?

We compare the muscle-fat change by using the InBody body composition analyzer. The person with the greatest overall body composition % change wins!

Is There An Early Bird Special?

Yes! Sign up by April 13th to save 50%!

How To Join The Challenge

To join the challenge it is $100. Click Here to register! If you register before April 13th, it is only $50 (and you still get to win half the pot)

How Is The Challenge Calculated?

Change In Fat Mass:

The percent of change is relative to starting weight

Change In Lean Body Mass

A gain in Lean Body Mass would cause an increase in overall weight but would be considered to be positive change.  In contrast, a loss of lean body mass would increase overall weight loss despite being considered a negative change. For example, if you lost 5 lbs of muscle your end result would be a negative %.


Bonus Points:

  • 1 pt (%) for every friend you refer to participate in the challenge

  • 1 pt (%) for every referred friend who signs up for a membership

  • .10 pt (%) for every Champions Sports Performance class you attend!

What Do I Win If I Win The Challenge?

  • Half of Total Pot (Ex: 10 people participate, you win $500)

  • 1 month free for Adult group fitness at Champions Sports Performance

  • Free Thorne Supplement Of Choice

  • Free Champions Challenge T-Shirt

  • Free Smoothie OR Meal From Clean Eatz

What If I Have A Friend Who Wants To Join The Challenge But They Don't Workout at Champions?

Non-members can participate in this challenge! Don't forget you get 1 pt (%) for every friend you refer to join the challenge!

What If My Friend Wants To Join Champions For The Duration Of The Challenge?

Guest memberships are available for $399 (May-July). Don't forget you get 1 pt (%) for every friend who gets a guest membership at Champions!

Is there an age requirement?

Anyone over the age of 18 can enter the Summer Body Composition - Fitness Challenge

How does the Champions Summer Body Composition - Fitness Challenge measure body composition?

We use a device called InBody 380 to estimate body composition for our members. This machine uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to assess muscle mass, body fat, and total body water. The InBody is reliable, non-invasive, and fast when gathering its results. It is also way more reliable and telling than the traditional at-home scale. Another benefit, is it provides members their basal metabolic rate, which is more accurate baseline when determining what your daily caloric intake should be. The result sheet can be found below to the right:

What Are Realistic Goals?

Over a 8-12 week period, a reduction of 1-3% body fat is ideal for gradual weight loss which is about .5 to 2 pounds a week. This can lead to 6-24 pounds over an 12-week period. But remember, you will also be gaining muscle so you will lose roughly 2-4% of total weight.

When Is The Deadline To Join The Challenge?

The deadline is April 29th


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