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Importance Behind Squatober

Squatting can be a scary exercise for many people. Common concerns of getting injured as a result of squatting discourage the masses from doing one of the most "functional" exercises known to man. The reality is, when you go to sit down on the couch, chair, or even toilet, you have to bend your knees and.... squat.

People who are able to sit and rise from the floor without using their hands or knees are directly linked to living longer as seen in The study of the sitting-rising test (SRT) was a significant predictor of mortality in 51-80 year old subjects.

When your personal fitness journey is feeling overcomplicated in today's world due to social media influencers, online apps, boot camps around every corner, and the self-renowned experts who we love and care for - just stop and think about the SRT study. There are 2 things you need to be able to get yourself up off of the floor, couch, toilet, etc. to help you improve your life expectancy.

1) Muscular Strength

2) Flexibility

Now, remember what your mom, dad, teacher, mentor told you many years ago. "IF YOU DON'T USE IT, YOU LOSE IT". If you are not bending your knees and challenging your musclular strength or flexibility, you will lose the ability to move "functionally".

So why does Coach Logan get excited every "Squatober"? Because it is a chance for us to appreciate our ability to bend our knees. For some that may mean a** to grass for a 1RM and for others that may mean squatting to an elevated box holding a kettlebell. It doesn't matter - the point is, is with every squat you are imrpoving your life expectancy and improving your quality of life overall.

Champions is here to support your personal fitness and wellness goals, please email to schedule a consultation and get started!

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