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Improve Your Speed by Increasing Stride Frequency

Increase stride frequency with specific drills with a high level of focus. One of the most effective drills to increase stride frequency that we teach young athletes is Quick Steps.

This drill is designed to maximize an athlete’s turnover by taking very short strides. The athlete starts off standing tall with his or her elbows at 90 degrees. The athlete focuses on keeping both feet dorsiflexed (toes up) and acts as if they were running on hot coals, moving their feet and turning over as fast as possible, while taking extremely short strides.

During this exercise, it is critical to keep your body upright the whole time. Be sure to bring your feet no more than 2-4 inches off the ground on each stride. This allows for greater turnover. Short strides lead to a faster turnover. Each set of this drill should be performed for about 5-yards and should take 5 seconds. After one set you should take a 5 second rest, walk 5-yards and then perform the drill immediately again for another set. The goal is to perform 3 sets for 30-yards. Repeat those 3 sets again for 6 total sets. This is a great drill to increase turnover.

The ability to recruit and relax muscles quickly is a learned skill that enhances turnover and is necessary to excel at any athletic event. Have your athlete focus on stride frequency drills and they will improve their game-speed.

Speed is a skill that can be learned. Get started with a performance evaluation.

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